Whispers of a New Deputy Mayor

Wellington City Councillors are staying tight-lipped on who is set to be the new Deputy Mayor.

Upcoming general elections seem to be set to play in Deputy Mayor Paul Eagles favour with him expected to win the Labour Parties Rongotai seat.  This begs the questions of who will replace him.

Of the twelve Wellington City Councillors only two were willing to comment.  Both stating their disinterest in the position and reluctantly their top choices.

Councillor David Lee says, “We are really spoilt for choice”.

He believes Mayor Lester’s choice will come down to the factors of experience, age, gender and likeability.  Leading him to mention his top picks as Iona Pannett and Jill Day.

“I think he really had his finger on the pulse of how the council is functioning”, says Councillor Lee

Councillor Nicola Young also expressed the possibility that Pannett and Day are candidates for the position, an opinion she bases on the awareness that Mayor Lester is in charge of the decision.

“He doesn’t need to worry about getting reach across the council table, he has got the numbers”, says Councillor YoungWith few councillors willing to comment and none expressing open interest in the role, the running seems like it will stay behind closed doors until an announcement is made.

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