LUSH Cosmetics to host global instore charity event.

LUSH Cosmetics is set to hold its first global instore charity event. The event is to be held in stores on the 17th of September during the stores opening hours.

This will be the first time New Zealand Lush will be actively participating in a LUSH global event, with the Wellington and Auckland stores both getting involved. The Event will follow the principle of their ‘Charity Pot’ where all proceeds from each product sold during the event are to be donated to the charities that adhere to the values of LUSH.

On the day of the event LUSH will be providing a free Charity Pot hand lotion for those who participate, as well as product demonstrations and information about the charities and the causes they represent. CEO of LUSH Cosmetics, Mark Wolverton, has spoken out about the event and says “Through this event, we not only wish to raise money, but also educate and involve the public with the fantastic work these charities are accomplishing”.

LUSH has always valued ethical work and products that are cruelty free and natural. The donations raised from the event will go to charities that follow these values and wish to make a difference in these areas. Money raised will also go to LUSH’s very own FunD, which supports children living in challenging environments, and SLush, which aides to support small farmers and producers in continuing to produce quality foodstuffs.


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