Did someone say favouritism?


Massey University’s Health Centres fails to provide consistent prices across the three campuses for students.

Each Health Centre provides cheaper fees than general medical practises and even more so when a student is registered with the clinic, but is it fair that some students must pay more for the same services despite all contributing to the centre via their student levy.

Manager of Massey Albany, Health Centre, Jane Hanley say, “The Health Centres run under two masters, both Massey University and their corresponding Primary Health Organisation (PHO)”.

She presses that the Health Centres must still work under the New Zealand Healthcare system and therefore are limited under their PHOs. All three campus Healthcare Centres are working under different PHO’s allowing for prices to vary.

Although the PHO still allows for heavily subsidised prices, students of Massey University continue to pay a student services levy in which one would assume would subsidise the prices even further.

With all three Health Centres receiving allocated money for registrations via their PHO, the pairing with Massey funding should result in free charges for consultations for all.

Students from both Albany and Wellington have already begun to speak out on this inequality; however, Manawatu students are also beginning to have a voice.

Second year Veterinary student of Manawatu campus, Aimee Alexander says, “I think that is totally fair enough that the prices are even.  I had no idea Palmy was the only free place.  I believe that other students should be able to benefit from this.”

The student services levy should allow for students to pay equally across the board.

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